Different Types of Security Alarms to Have

5 Different Types of Security Alarms to Have

When it comes to security alarms, there are several different types that you should consider getting for the home. Many of the older systems are today being upstaged by others that are more advanced. This, of course, can be attributed to the various technological advances that have been witnessed in the recent past. If you are to stay safe with alarms Essex, you will need to consider these different home security systems:

1. Monitored Security Alarms

These are very similar to the more local systems except that in addition to having an alarm, they also are connected to a service that monitors them. Once these alarms Essex are tripped, someone is immediately available to offer help round the clock, every day of the year. If there is a break-in, they will notify the authorities. In addition to this, they also monitor carbon monoxide levels and fires as well.

1. Smoke Security Alarms

These devices are used to protect your family against smoke and fire in the home. Fire alarms Essex include several smoke detectors and strobe lights wired to set off an alarm in the event of a fire. You can have security alarms that have a smoke detector, heat detector and a sprinkler system.

1. Burglar Security Alarms

These alarms Essex are usually the main feature where various alarm systems are concerned. They will usually include door sensors, motion sensors and window sensors. Tripping any of these sensors triggers a very loud alarm and also lets the police know of the intrusion. They usually have a keypad that is centrally located. Many times, these alarms Essex have security signs placed in various visible places including the windows and doors in order to ward off would be intruders.

1. Medical Security Alarms

This is a button that is usually incorporated into your home alarms Essex. It is an alarm that calls for help and is ideal for those who have elderly parents living on their own. The alarms Essex is monitored by the security company.

1. Critical Security Alarms

This particular alarm is put in place to warn you when there are certain leaks that would otherwise go undetected. These alarms Essex work well to protect the property from being damaged by heating and plumbing gone burst. They notify the security company in the event of a pipe burst or any such thing so that the problem can be resolved quickly.

Other ways to protect your home would be to have a cctv camera systems installed. There are many cctv installation companies.

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